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Common Core

The Stakes are High

Common Core has caused anger, frustration, and distrust in our country. No longer are parents and districts in control of the education of our students, for one simple reason: we have to test well. If you woul like more information on why parents, teachers, and students hate common core, checkout this article.

Standardized Testing

Government Overreach

Cody is passionate about the overreach of the federal government in education. There is no better example of this, than standardized testing. We must stop teaching kids how to test, and instead teaching them English, Math, History, and Science. Parents should all be aware of the opt-out movement. Visit this site for more information.

Sex Education

The Role of Family

This particular issue has been increasingly gaining coverage all over the state, since the state legislature approved House Bill 19-1032. HB1032 mandates that districts offering Sex Education must provide "Comprehensive Sex Education." This overbearing curriculum includes topics that should never be taught in a classroom and push biased political agendas. To read this dangerous legislation, visit